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Hand Knotted Rugs

Hand knotting is a special characteristic of the oriental rug. It's what gives a rug beauty and character. Hand knotted rugs have been produced for over 150 years, some of which are still in existence today. Hand knotting gives the character and detail of all the intricate designs that have been passed down from generation to generation. The materials used in hand made rugs, primarily being wool, allow the rug to portray a depth of color that cannot be duplicated in any other way. Along with the hand knotting, this depth is what makes a hand knotted rug stand alone compared to other materials. The Kaoud Family has many years of experience and expert knowledge of this technique and other weaving processes. We also have extensive experience working with the major weaving centers and crafts people around the world. Kaoud selects and imports only the highest quality goods and we inspect every rug, front and back.

We know the ins and outs of weaving, handling, restoring, and how to judge the quality of oriental carpeting. That's our commitment to our customers, as well as to ourselves. We focus on many factors, such as wool quality, when buying rugs. We urge you to compare and do the same. The wool quality will determine the overall look and color of the rug, and quite frankly, if it's not up to par, we simply won't buy it, nor should you.