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Since 1954, Kaoud Rugs has not only brought the best quality rugs to our demanding customers, but has serviced the same rugs from generation to generation. Years of know-how that has been passed down from generation to generation has made Kaoud Rugs the best at cleaning and servicing your fine oriental rug.


Kaoud Rugs has always exceeded customer expectations because we simply like doing so. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a customer’s expression after seeing their newly cleaned rug. At Kaoud, we take expert care in our customers rugs by being the only company that hand washes them. NO MACHINES! We believe that a hand wash brings out the true beauty in these rugs because we can visually concentrate on the spots that need it. We start out by extracting the dirt from your rug until no more dirt is present. This is very important, because as we all know, mixing dirt with water simply creates mud. Mud belongs in your garden, not in your rug. Next comes our famous hand wash where bristle brushes are used to scrub all sides of the pile. This is followed by a thorough rinse and then off to dry. Speaking of drying, we dry these rugs flat on the floor, rather than hanging them up, preventing any chance of wrinkling your rug. Once the rug is finished drying, we start the meticulous work of detailing the fringes, a very important step that is quite frequently overlooked. It’s like having a clean car with dirty wheels.

Most importantly, your rugs are cleaning “in house” at our stores, and not sent out to a cleaning factory. From start to finish, we have our eyes on them.

Repair and


Kaoud Rugs can repair and restore virtually any type of rug. From something simple as repairing fringe and overcasting sides, to more challenging repairs such as burn holes and moth damage, Kaoud Rugs has the experience to make damaged rugs look new again. Like our cleaning, all repairs are handled in-house and are completely done by hand.



Gray Padding Non-Skid
Padding is a very important part of a rug's life as well as your comfort and safety. Kaoud Rugs stocks different types of pads for different purposes. Pads for a dining or living room rug will differ from pads used for hall rugs. We offer the best quality jute/rubber pad for your living areas, as well as non-skid pads for slippery hallway runners.