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How Do You Clean Fine Oriental Rugs?

Article Courtesy of Rumzi Kaoud, Antique Rug Collections, Guilford, CT

For us, rug cleaning is a hands-on job. Literally. We are one of the only companies that hand-wash our customers rugs. To assure that your piece of art is properly cared for, all rug cleaning is done on the premises by well-trained oriental rug cleaning professionals.

Before cleaning, each rug is evaluated for overall condition, pile fiber content, type of dye, foundation type and weaving type. Results of this evaluation determine the appropriate methods to be used.

Our five-phased rug-cleaning process begins with particle extraction: We gently, but thoroughly remove all dirt, dust or soil from both sides of your rug. Next, we use bristle brushes and a gentle soap to hand-wash all sides of the pile in your rug with patient persistence. We follow this with a thorough rinse to remove any remaining dirt and cleaning solution. We then floor-dry your rug rather than hanging it, which prevents wrinkling and unnecessary fabric stress. Finally, when the rug is completely dry, we finish with a meticulous detailing of the rug fringes.

An antique rug is a valuable financial and inspirational investment. With proper care, it can deliver generations of utility and enjoyment. Our deep and varied experience ensures a proper cleaning of your rug each and every time.

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