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Kaoud's expert fine rug cleaning and repairs.

Rug Cleaning, Repair, Restoration

Fine Rug Cleaning and Repairs

“The dirt in a rug acts more as an abrasive to the fibers shortening the life of the pile.”

At Kaoud Rugs, we take rug cleaning and repairs seriously. Let Kaoud take care of your prized rugs with our exclusive cleaning process. We clean all of our customers rugs on our premises so that we can supervise each and every step, from dusting to the final vacuuming. We also hand wash each rug because we believe that automated machines miss quite a bit of dirt in the process. Wash tubs are a no no as well because quite frankly, washing your rug with 10 other rugs doesn’t make much sense to us.
Step 1: We first start by actually removing the dirt before any washing occurs. Sure, it sounds easy..but it’s the most time consuming part of the job. Some rugs can take days for all the dirt to be removed. Pounds of dirt can come out of a rug if it has not been cleaned for some time. This is important because water, when introduced to a dirty rug will create MUD. One misconception of rug wear is that foot traffic wears a rug down. Close, but traffic on top of the dirt in the rug causes the dirt to cut into the fibers, which end up in the vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: The next step is a gentle washing with soap and water to bring the shine and softness to the rug. This step is where you will see the most difference. We wash the rugs by hand help rotating brushes to go over every spot that needs detail. Certain spots need certain procedures and no automated mass production machines can do that. A machine doesn’t know when to stop and give an area a little more scrubbing when needed. Dog or cat urine can also be reverse flushed at this stage as well.

Step 3: The third step is drying. We dry rugs flat on the floor with fans and outside air if weather permitting. We are not a fan of hanging heavy wet rugs in a high heat setting to dry. Some things we don’t want to rush and stretching and shrinkage concerns are avoided.

Step 4: The last step is detailing the rug. Fringes are combed and straightened. Fringes and edges are trimmed and any spots are attended to. If it needs mothproofing or deodorizing, it’s done. If repairs are needed, it’s done. After the rug is vacuumed and inspected, it goes to customer.

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