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Rug Cleaning and Repair

How do you clean a good carpet?

At Kaoud Rugs, we take rug cleaning and repairs seriously. Let Kaoud take care of your prized rugs with our exclusive cleaning process. We clean all of our customers rugs on our premises so that we can supervise each and every step, from dusting to the final vacuuming. We also hand wash each rug because we believe that automated machines miss quite a bit of dirt in the process. Wash tubs are a no no as well because quite frankly, washing your rug with 10 other rugs doesn’t make much sense to us.

We clean each rug using the same 5 step process that was passed down generation to generation. First, and most important, is the dusting process. We spend countless hours extracting the dirt from your rug using vacuums. The dirt in a rug acts more as an abrasive to the fibers shortening the life of the pile.

Step 2, we give the rug a good detergent bath the get rid of any dirt left over. This process is done manually so we can pay attention to the spots or problem areas that arise. Any pet issues are taken care of in this step.

Step 3, we rinse the rug with cool fresh water flush out any soap residue.

Step 4, we carefully dry the rugs on a flat surface to reduce any possibility of wrinkling or distortion. We were never a fan of hanging wet heavy rugs in the air. In this process, the rug is also brushed to bring the nap to it’s original position and the fringe is detailed to remove dirt and brighten them.

Step 5, we carefully inspect and decide if the rug needs any more services such as mothproofing and deodorizing.