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What to Know Before You Buy a Fine Rug

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At Kaoud’s we pride ourselves at cleaning and restoring your rugs. We have been doing it since 1954 and our experience speaks for itself when you open your newly cleaned rug. The colors are brighter. The fringes are whiter. The room become alive and fresh. It’s not easy cleaning a rug, especially the way we do.

Interior Rug Design Advice

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A rug retailer may know what the rug is made of and certainly should be able to calculate how many square feet you need for a room. However, a rug professional knows everything about that rug and its place in your home.

How Do You Clean Fine Oriental Rugs?

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For us, rug cleaning is a hands-on job. Literally. We are one of the only companies that hand-wash our customers rugs. To assure that your piece of art is properly cared for, all rug cleaning is done on the premises by well-trained oriental rug cleaning professionals.