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Floor and Stair Runners

Whether you want to create a grand welcome for your main staircase or subtly accent a hallway floor, our extensive collection of runners is sure to exceed your expectations!

At Kaoud Rugs, we can design and install a custom runner for any length staircase or size floor. Durability, quality, functionality for your lifestyle and safety should all be considered when selecting a runner. Our expert staff can provide a variety of complementary choices for your specific application, whether to match existing décor in your home or renovate a boat!  

Choosing a Stair or Floor Runner

Runner rugs can brighten up a dark hallway or protect hardwood from everyday wear and tear. Floor runners are placed at the base of a staircase, on a landing between levels or to cover a stretch of hallway. For “empty” areas in your home, a beautiful strip of rug can transform these spaces! Runners are often seen in open concept homes and the kitchen.

Stair runners are fitted to cover the hardwood steps of a staircase. While adding a touch of luxury to a seemingly innocuous feature in your home, placing a runner in this high-traffic area can help combat slippery stairs.

Whether you have a multigenerational home or several pets, your staircases and floors likely see plenty of activity. Once you decide where to add a runner, determine the amount and type of foot traffic this area of your home receives. While a luxurious material can have an aesthetic appeal, certain spaces will need more durable or stain-resistant carpeting. In terms of color, solid neutral tones showcase a casual look, while patterns make a bold statement.


Benefits of Carpet Runners

Stair and hallway runners offer many benefits, including slip and fall prevention, noise insulation, shock absorption and soft cushioning underfoot. They can also protect hard-surface flooring from scratches, scuffs and fading. If you decide to change the design of your space, runners are easily replaceable compared to more permanent flooring options.

Combine the natural beauty of wood with a stylish carpet runner in a variety of styles, colors, patterns and textures! Our design experts can help you choose the right products to make your home a warm and inviting space, while preserving its essential features. We offer exceptional custom installation services for any length and width staircase or application.

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