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living room featuring couristan area rug

Design Services

We know rugs from A to Z! Our professionals have an extensive knowledge of styles and materials, how rugs are made, the impact of foot traffic or light exposure and more.

That’s the difference between shopping in a furniture or department store and working with a professional rug dealer. It’s our passion to ensure you absolutely love the rugs you buy from us – because it’s what we love to do!

Initial Design Consult

Whether a customer or designer has a certain look in mind or needs advice from the start, we are happy to guide you! Rather than simply browsing the racks, you can consult with our rug experts on design, size and price to ensure you are happy with the end result. Custom projects for rooms in your home, commercial spaces, staircases and even boats often require a rug that’s not a standard size. We can determine the appropriate measurements, provide fabric samples and create a rug of any size.

Interior Rug Design Ideas

A rug is the foundation that ties a whole room together. Whether you are designing from the ground up or need to replace the carpets in an already completed space, our design experts can help you find the perfect match. For example, a dining room area rug should be large enough for the table and chairs to fit on it. The chairs should also remain fully on the rug when pulling away from the table to avoid catching.

Ideally, a customer can provide the following:

  • Room Size & Layout
    Take pictures! Measure and draw the room on a piece of paper including the placement of walls, windows, furniture and fixed attributes.
  • Type of Room
    Is the space used occasionally, like a formal dining room, or part of your everyday life, such as a family room, kitchen or bedroom?
  • Lighting
    How much natural light does the room receive?
  • Furniture
    What pieces are currently in the room and do you wish to add anything?

Rug Design Questions

What is the correct size for an area rug?

Although room size plays an important role in determining rug size, there are several factors to consider. We want to get a feel for the spatial effects of a particular room: Does it have high ceilings, any clipped corners or fireplaces, multiple areas within the space? These types of questions will help define the proper rug size.

What type of area rug should I get for a family room?

Your lifestyle will help establish if the atmosphere should be formal, casual or serene. How you feel in the family room is important for us to determine the type of rug that would be most suitable for your application. Certain rugs can portray specific elements that enhance the room and its intended purpose.

Do you have a rug that goes with my furniture?

Furniture plays a huge role in choosing a rug. If the room already has established fixtures, color swatches or pillows can establish a reference point. Considering that today’s rugs come in a variety of hues, complementing your color scheme has never been easier!

If the room is bare or you’re starting from scratch, our advice is to select the rug FIRST to set the foundation of a room. This can also make choosing other colors for paint and fabrics an easier task. It’s much less of a hassle to change a paint color than to replace a rug you truly love in your space.

Book a Design Consultation

    What rug would complement a bright room?

    Lighting is often overlooked when shopping for a rug. This factor can determine how much “color” a room can take. If there is an abundance of light, a rug with muted colors can be easily lost. Our showrooms portray rugs in a different light than your home, which is why we encourage customers to try a product at home risk-free!

    I’ve found a beautiful rug but how will it look in my home?

    The staff at Kaoud Rugs will bring your selections to your home and lay them in the desired areas. Seeing the true beauty of an oriental rug in your home can give you more confidence in making a selection.

    Our rug professionals offer design expertise to help you choose a rug that will capture your heart forever. We guide you through the process to help you choose a rug and love it.

    To learn more,
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