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Rug Cleaning & Repair

We take rug cleaning and repairs seriously. As one of the only companies to hand wash rugs on our premises – it’s a truly hands-on job!

From muddy paws to sandy feet and snow-covered shoes, rugs can hold pounds of dirt! Because of this, we stress the removal of these contaminants in order to preserve the life of your rugs. Anyone can wash the top of your rugs with soapy water or the new-fangled “steam machines” however, if the dirt is not removed, your rugs will quickly become dull and unsightly, as the dirt underneath rises to the top.

When it’s time for a cleaning, we carefully consider each area of your rug. From dusting to the final vacuuming, we supervise every step. Let our well-trained cleaning professionals remove abrasive dirt from your prized oriental rugs to make the colors brighter!

We are confident in the effectiveness of handwashing rugs individually over automated machines and wash tubs that combine customer rugs and can miss a lot of dirt in the process. Before cleaning, each rug is evaluated for overall condition, pile fiber content, type of dye, foundation and weaving to determine the appropriate methods.

Exclusive Cleaning Process

Step 1: Remove Dirt

Our process begins with particle extraction. We gently but thoroughly remove all dirt, dust or soil from both sides of your rug. Although the most time-consuming part of the job – some rugs can take days for all dirt to be removed – it’s the most important. For a rug that has not been property cleaned in some time, the introduction of water can create mud. A common misconception is that foot traffic wears a rug down. Yet traffic on top of the dirt actually cuts into the rug fibers, which can end up in the vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: Gently Wash

The next step is a gentle washing with soap and water to bring back the shine and softness! We hand wash all sides of your rug with patient persistence, using bristle brushes to go over every spot that needs attention. Certain sections might need specific procedures that no automated mass production machines can accomplish. A machine does not know when to stop and give an area more scrubbing when needed. The gentle scrubbing is followed by a thorough rinse to remove any remaining dirt and cleaning solution. For pet owners, dog or cat urine can also be reverse flushed at this stage.

Step 3: Dry the Rug

Rugs are then dried flat on the floor with fans and outside air – weather permitting – to prevent stretching, shrinkage and unnecessary fabric stress. We do not hang heavy wet rugs in a high heat setting because it can rush the drying process and wrinkle your rugs at the same time.

Step 4: Detail the Rug

When your rug is completely dry, we finish the process with a meticulous detailing. Rug fringes are combed and straightened. The edges and fringes are trimmed and any spots addressed. If the rug needs mothproofing, deodorizing or any repairs, it’s also done at this stage. After the rug is vacuumed and inspected, it’s returned to the customer.

All rugs are a financial and inspirational investment; dirt can shorten its valuable lifespan. With proper care, your rug can deliver generations of utility and enjoyment.

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