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Area Rug

Area rugs can serve as the foundation of any room. They establish or support the space’s character, increases its warmth and comfort, and help tie together furniture and décor.

You have many options for utilizing area rugs, from floor length to smaller sizes that fit under furniture. Yet no matter how you set up a room, rug construction correlates with durability and longevity.

If you want to own a quality rug for many years and might even consider passing it down as an heirloom, you’re advised to make an investment purchase. Get started with these tips.

The Right Time and Factors

Similar to other investment pieces, upgrade your rug purchase based on four factors:

  • Income: You’re making a certain salary or receiving income from your investments that make bigger purchases less of a financial stretch.
  • Lifestyle: You feel settled in life and are purchasing a rug for your long-term home. Big investments are not always ideal if you move often or have less square footage.
  • Protecting Your Home: If your home has wooden or tile floors, these materials can show scuffs and damage more easily. A high-quality rug offers better protection.
  • Lifestyle: Cold floors can be uncomfortable to walk on. Laying down a rug made of wool or another long-lasting material adds warmth to a space.

What to Consider

What qualifies as an investment purchase for a rug? Generally, higher costs and longer lifespan correlate with the following factors:

  • Construction: Hand-knotted rugs come with a higher price tag than machine-woven or printed rugs. The more knots per square inch, the greater the rug’s value. You’ll also want to look for weaving and knotting from the base, rather than construction that shows gluing.
  • Materials: Natural fibers like wool last longer and are priced higher than synthetics. Not all wool types are the same; finer quality often has a higher price. Similarly, real silk offers more shine and durability with a smoother hand-feel and luxurious look. These should be dyed with natural sources as opposed to chemical-based substances.

In addition to these aspects, prepare to invest in a rug based on:

  • Your Style: Being more settled in life often means you have a clearer sense of what you like and what fits into your home.
  • Care: Material and pile influence how frequently you’ll need to care for your rug. Low-pile wool offers a longer lifespan and lower maintenance, while high-pile materials need to be vacuumed and washed more to prevent odor and dirt buildup.
  • Location and Usage: High-traffic areas require a more durable and resilient material, which translates to a low-pile wool rug. These solutions are also ideal if you have children and pets. However, shag and high-pile construction fulfill a more decorative purpose and work well for bedrooms, entertainment spaces and guest rooms. Also consider if the rug is strictly practical or will function as artwork.
  • Size: Especially when purchasing for your forever home, make sure an investment rug fits the space. Measure the area, as well as any furniture to ensure the rug fits exactly and requires minimal adjustments.

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