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antique oriental rug

Rugs are pieces of art. Thoughts on the primal instincts, natural themes and environmental influences surround antique oriental rugs. For the discerning oriental rug consumer, there is no better connoisseur than Rumzi Kaoud himself.

“The magic of antique rugs is the human effect: a unique investment in engineering, poetry, color and design and a part of the weaver’s heart and soul. Oh antique rugs – how great thou art.”

Kaoud Rugs in Guilford, Connecticut offers a selection of antique rugs for discerning patrons seeking aesthetic, heritable and human value of ages-old oriental rugs. We have a wide selection of prized pieces, available online and on premise, along with restoration and appraisal services.

Rumzi Kaoud started in this business over 60 years ago with his brothers, Fred and Abe. From humble beginnings and a profound interest in these pieces of art and their creators, Rumzi has become a renowned expert in antique oriental rugs, whose opinion is widely sought for authentication and appraisals.

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