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Whether you own a cat or dog, your pets likely roam around the house. They may scratch at furniture, track in dirt from outside or worse, have an accident indoors. Pets also shed, scattering hair and dander in the process.

If your household is pet-friendly, it’s important to think about your floors and put down rugs or carpeting that won’t get destroyed or show stains within a couple months. Consider what to look for in a pet-friendly rug.

Color and Pattern

With pets in the household, any rug or carpeting should easily camouflage shedding, dirt and small stains, and occasional scratching.

Ideal options include darker colors, which better hide dirt and geometric patterns, which draw the eye away from stains and other minor damage.


Different fabrics deliver varying degrees of durability. The most durable materials should be placed near the entry and exit areas, which see more dirt and stains from people and pets. At the same time, select a material that cleans well.

Considering these factors, ideal rug materials include:

  • Natural Fibers: Materials like jute hold up to scratching and dirt, but tend to absorb liquids and moisture. They also shouldn’t be used in homes with accident-prone pets.
  • Wool: This material delivers the best of both worlds – durability and stain resistance. Wool is also easier to clean than other rug materials.
  • Durable Synthetics: Materials like nylon and polypropylene won’t hold onto dirt and moisture. Avoid polyester, as it quickly shows wear and high piles, as the extra length traps hair, dirt and can snag your pet’s nails.

Pile and Texture

If you have pets, avoid high-pile rugs and looped textures. They trap and hold onto dirt, hair and dander, posing allergy risks and becoming a challenge to clean. Your pet’s nails also risk getting entangled with the material.

Short or low-pile rugs are a must for your pet’s comfort and safety, as well as maintenance. Low piles are also less likely to display wear and are less tempting for your pet to claw or chew. An occasional vacuuming is generally all the cleaning involved.

Avoid ornamental aspects like fringe along the edges, which pets may quickly treat as a toy. Features like this can become a choking risk or, due to repeat clawing and batting, quickly look shabby and worn.


Look for floor coverings that require as little maintenance as possible. Also think about how the rug will attach to the floor. Secure it with a pad below and a cover on top to limit slip hazards and prevent pets from picking up or clawing at the rug.

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