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sitting room area rug

Does your home need a transformation? Instantly upgrade its common areas with stylish area rugs! Particularly if you have children, pets or regularly host guests, you’ll want to add more durable rugs to the living room, hallways and dining room.

Starting with material, wool has a longer lifespan than silk and some synthetics. Rug pile also plays a role in durability: the more your rug sheds, the quicker it will show wear. Finally, certain colors and patterns camouflage dirt, debris and wear better than others.

With these factors in mind, consider the following types of rugs for high-traffic areas.

Durable Rug Materials

Material influences how long your rug will last. Some of the most durable options include:

  • Wool: Considered an investment for homeowners, these rugs are built to last. Wool is naturally stain and water resistant, yet still has a soft feel. The fibers bounce back more than other materials and are less likely to look flattened after years of wear. As another benefit, wool’s natural antibacterial properties can help control allergens.
  • Nylon: The most durable synthetic option, nylon has stain and fade-resistant properties and offers more color and pattern combinations. These rugs better resist dirt than other synthetics, have a soft feel and require less maintenance long term.
  • Polypropylene: Combining durability and value, this material provides stain, mildew, fade and water resistance. Polypropylene rugs are also suitable for outdoor use, making them ideal for areas like the doorway.
  • Cotton: This material is convenient to clean, soft, has a long lifespan and is versatile enough to be placed in multiple locations. Cotton also offers an alternative to wool if any family members are allergic.
  • Jute and Natural Fibers: These are braided or woven fibers that feel rough initially but offer longer wear and a bit of traction. Jute and natural fibers just need to be swept clean and are more eco-friendly than other options. Due to these attributes, these rugs are ideal for areas that see more dirt and foot traffic.

Including a rug pad not only prevents sliding, but it also protects your floors and extends the rug material’s lifespan.

As far as what to avoid, silk looks beautiful but it shows wear quickly and mats sooner. Shag and other plush, high-pile textures can also start to look worn with time and are better suited to low-traffic areas.

Long-Lasting Rug Styles

To maintain a rug’s appearance long-term, look for the following styles:

  • Low Pile Material: This shorter, looped texture is less likely to hold onto allergens and easily bounces back from repeat foot traffic.
  • Darker Colors: Less likely to show dirt and stains, darker colors take longer to show fading and need to be cleaned less often.
  • Patterns: Stripes and more intricate patterns tend to draw the eye, making dirt and stains less prominent.

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